The BUGSY battery, with its 25 shots, is the equivalent of a pyrotechnic symphony. It offers a breathtaking spectacle with a shot every 45 seconds, creating a 45-minute experience of pure pleasure for the eyes and senses.

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Each of the BUGSY’s 25 blasts is an explosion of dazzling colour and captivating pyrotechnic effects. Whether for a wedding, birthday party, New Year’s Eve or any other celebration, this drum set guarantees an unforgettable show.

Safety is our priority, and the BUGSY battery is designed to meet the strictest safety standards. So you can enjoy your show with complete peace of mind.

Turn your celebrations into a magical and impressive moment with the BUGSY drum kit. Its 25 shots offer 45 seconds of pure pleasure, creating unforgettable memories.

Explore this pyrotechnic wonder today and get ready to be amazed by a whirlwind of colours and lights. The BUGSY battery is ready to add a touch of wonder to your celebrations!