Moon Dance 68 Shots “new”



The Moon Dance 68 Shots “new” is the quintessence of pyrotechnics, offering an unrivalled fireworks experience. Compact and diverse, this range offers a dazzling pyrotechnic spectacle, made up of 68 spectacular shots.

Packed with an impressive 430 grams of powder, Moon Dance takes you on a breathtaking visual journey. For an exceptional 70 seconds, you’ll be amazed by a variety of colours and captivating effects that light up the sky.

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Whether it’s for a birthday party, a wedding, a special evening or simply to brighten up a night out with friends, the Moon Dance creates a magical and memorable moment. Explosions of colour, twinkling stars and fascinating patterns make every event a spectacular spectacle.

The impressive height of 50 metres reached by the rockets adds a vertiginous dimension to this celestial spectacle. The 68 shots are coordinated to provide an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience.

Moon Dance 68 Shots “new” is the promise of quality entertainment and optimum safety, in compliance with the strictest standards. So you can enjoy your show with complete confidence.

Get ready to light up the sky and create priceless memories with Moon Dance. Its highly varied compact size and impressive 70-second duration make it an essential choice for your celebrations.