INTENSE 122 sh



The INTENSE battery is an explosion of effects and colours in 122 shots. Maximum effect during 50 seconds, reaching a height of 45 metres. (940 gr NEC)

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INTENSE battery is a veritable explosion of pyrotechnic effects and colour. With 122 shots fired in 50 seconds, it offers an intensely vibrant show, lighting up the sky with breathtaking effects. This battery offers a very intense effect.

It rises to a height of 45 metres, creating an impressive visual spectacle for all your celebrations. This compact battery is designed to surprise and amaze.

Safety is our priority, and the INTENSE battery is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, allowing you to enjoy the show with complete peace of mind.

Discover the magic of the INTENSE battery today and prepare to be dazzled by this explosion of colour and pyrotechnic effects.