The TORPEDO battery, with its 48 shots, embodies pyrotechnic power at its best. Offering an uninterrupted show every 40 seconds for a breathtaking half-hour, this compact creation is nothing short of impressive. And the best part? It’s very reasonably priced, making TORPEDO a real “Best Sale.”

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Each of the 48 blasts from the TORPEDO drum set creates an explosion of colour and captivating pyrotechnic effects. For 30 minutes, the TORPEDO turns the sky into a pyrotechnic masterpiece, whether for a wedding, birthday party, New Year’s Eve or any other celebration.

TORPEDO’s impressive value for money guarantees a quality pyrotechnic experience at an affordable cost. All the strictest safety standards are met, so you can enjoy your show with complete confidence.

TORPEDO is ready to turn your celebrations into a grand occasion. This compact battery is a real star of pyrotechnics, ready to light up the sky for your special moments.

Discover this pyrotechnic marvel today and get ready to be amazed by an unforgettable fireworks show. TORPEDO is here to add a touch of wonder to your celebrations!