The BOOM BOX 42s offers an intense pyrotechnic spectacle with 42 shots fired in 40 seconds, reaching altitudes of 40 metres. It offers an impressive and surprising experience that will light up your celebrations.

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The BOOM BOX 42s battery promises an intense and unforgettable pyrotechnic show. Firing 42 shots in just 40 seconds, it creates a breathtaking firework display that soars 40 metres into the air, flooding the sky with colour and spectacular effects. This compact battery is designed to offer a surprising and captivating experience, perfect for brightening up any special occasion.

Safety is our priority, and the BOOM BOX 42 s battery is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, so you can enjoy the show with complete peace of mind.

Discover the magic of the BOOM BOX 42 s today and prepare to be impressed. It’s ready to light up your celebrations in a memorable way.