The THRILLER, with its 16 multi-coloured shots, is the definition of a “Best Deal” in fireworks. It offers a breathtaking pyrotechnic spectacle, delivering a new shot every 25 seconds and extending over an impressive distance of 30 metres. With minimal cost, it offers maximum effect to brighten up any celebration.

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Every shot of the THRILLER 16s is an explosion of vibrant colours and captivating effects. The spellbinding patterns that dance across the sky make it the perfect choice to liven up a birthday party, wedding, New Year’s Eve or any other special occasion.

This product is designed to offer a quality pyrotechnic experience, while complying with the strictest safety standards. So you can enjoy your show with complete peace of mind.

Turn your celebrations into a magical moment with the THRILLER 16s. Its firing frequency, impressive range and low cost make it the ideal choice for lighting up the sky at your special moments.

Discover this pyrotechnic marvel today and prepare to be captivated by the whirlwind of colours. The THRILLER 16s is ready to add a touch of wonder to your celebrations!