FULL SIZE 144S – 70 sec – 144 shots – the biggest battery in our range

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The FULL SIZE, with its 144 shots, offers an unrivalled pyrotechnic spectacle. This automatic fireworks display lasts 2 and a half minutes and features a variety of breathtaking effects. This grandiose compact culminates in a final bouquet that leaves a memorable imprint on the minds of those who see it. FULL SIZE is a complete fireworks display designed for connoisseurs, an unforgettable experience that will dazzle your celebrations.

Turn any occasion into a magical event with the FULL SIZE drum kit. Its varied and spectacular effects will light up the sky in an unforgettable way. Safety is a priority, and this battery is designed to meet the strictest safety standards, so you can enjoy the show with complete peace of mind.

Discover this spectacular compact and prepare to be impressed. FULL SIZE is the biggest battery in our range