Lord of Midnight 82s



Lord of Midnight is a unique combination of 3 batteries for a complete and original pyrotechnic show. 82 shots, 75 seconds, 40 metres.

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Lord of Midnight is the quintessential complete and original pyrotechnic show. This unique combination includes 3 separate batteries for a total of 82 shots fired in 75 seconds, reaching an impressive height of 40 metres.

The first drum, with its 36 shimmering beats, creates a dazzling introduction. This is followed by 2 multi-effect drums of 23 shots each, which add a variety of captivating visual effects, transforming the night sky into a dynamic and spellbinding tableau.

Lord of Midnight is designed to offer a complete and memorable pyrotechnic experience, ideal for grandiose celebrations. This unique combination is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your audience.