“LUCKY 7” Rocket Assortment



The LUCKY 7 assortment of 7 rockets is the ideal choice for an explosion of colors and emotions in the sky. With a variety of captivating pyrotechnic effects, these rockets ensure an unforgettable fireworks experience. Perfect for all celebrations, rockets add a touch of magic and grandeur to every event.

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The LUCKY 7 assortment of 10 rockets takes you on a spectacular journey through the magical world of fireworks. Designed to dazzle, these rockets offer an unparalleled pyrotechnic experience, perfect for lighting up every special occasion in your life.

Each rocket in the LUCKY 7 is a pyrotechnic masterpiece, carefully crafted to produce a variety of enchanting visual effects. Whether you want to admire sparkling stars, multicolored sparks, or dazzling patterns, these rockets have everything to delight your senses. The sky becomes your canvas, and these rockets are the brushes that paint pictures of color and light.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, New Year’s, a national holiday, or just to liven up a night with friends, the assortment of 10 Weko rockets is the perfect choice. Each one is ready to soar into the sky, creating a symphony of colors and brilliance that will leave an unforgettable memory.